Control unwanted activities of Former Royals, MPs tell Govt

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KATHMANDU, Aug 25: The parliament members of the ruling and opposition parties have urged the government to control the unwanted activities of the formal royal members Gyanendra Shah and his son Paras.

The MPs concerns come after the Former Crown Prince Paras Shah manhandled an on-duty security officer at the Tribhuvan International Airport recently.

“Hasn’t Paras Shah’s recent attack on the on-duty airport security officer drawn the government’s attention?” questioned Baskota.

“Should not the government bring the matter as such in the parliament?”

The government should watch formal royal activities that are a threat to the republic. Nobody is above the constitution.  Monarchy was abolished a decade ago. The revival of the monarchy is just a dream,” he added.

Nepali Congress lawmakers Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi said that the former King is taking advantage of the messy politics.

He also blamed the major political parties for the same.