Rabi Lamichhane released on bail

Rabi Lamichhane

KATHMANDU, Aug 26: Chitwan District Court Monday released television program presenter Rabi Lamichhane on bail bond of Rs 5,00, 000.

A single bench of justice Hemant Rawal took the decision to this effect. The court has also released Lamichhane’s associate Yubraj Kandel on bail bond of Rs 3,00,000 while nurse Asmita Karki has been released on general date.

The trio has been accused of abetting Mountain Television journalist Salikram Pudasaini of abetting suicide. They were arrested from Kathmandu two weeks ago after the police recovered a video clip from Pudasaini’s mobile phone, who was found hanging in a hotel room in Narayangadh on August 5.

Lamichhane will have to seek approval from the court if he has to leave the country.

The court has also barred Lamichhane to produce program on the issue of his arrest and Pudasaini’s death.

Thousands of his supporters in Bharatpur were seen cheering and celebrating outside the district court following his release. They had been protesting in Chitwan and other parts of the country demanding his immediate release claiming “Lamichhane is innocent and was framed.”

“It’s the victory for all the Nepali people,” Lamichhane wrote on his Facebook page after his release.

“I am grateful to all the people inside and outside the country for their immense support. I am co-operating the police in their investigation on Pudasaini’s death, and will keep cooperating them. Justice has not died in the country,” he added.