Nepal has taken giant leap in economic and administrative reforms: Minister Pandit

Lal Babu Pandit

KATHMANDU, Sept 1: Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lalbabu Pundit has said that the government has taken giant stride in economic and administrative reforms.

“Nepal has achieved 7 percent economic growth mark this year and the process of civil servants adjustment is almost complete,” said Minister Pandit while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporter’s Club Nepal on Sunday.

According to him, the incumbent government has been successful in establishing inter-relationship among all three tiers of government while formulating laws in line with the constitution.

“Some laws are still under consideration while some have already been sent to the federal parliament,” he said.

He further said that the government, after starting the recruitment process at local levels, is also preparing to announce a vacancy advertisement to fulfill the shortage of staffs at provincial and central levels.

Minister Pandit also warned action against the government employees who are reluctant to go to the assigned destinations.

He also said that government is committed to curb corruption at any cost.

On a different note, Pandit said that the government has already begun an investigation into the death of more than three dozen cows, which reportedly pushed off the cliff in Surkhet district on Friday.