Offering prayers at Pashupatinath temple on Haritalika Teej (Photo Feature)

Haritalika Teej

KATHMANDU, Sept 2: Hundreds of thousands of Hindu women have visited Pashupatinath temple on the occasion of Haritalika Teej.

Both married and unmarried women take fast, sing, dance and offer prayers to Lord Shiva on this day in a hope they would be blessed with marital harmony and an ideal husband. The women perform puja of Satpa Rishi next morning break their fast.

Women and girls were seen performing rituals and offering prayers to Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath temple since early morning. Reporters’ Club Nepal photographer Mukunda Kalikote captured some moments at Pashupatinath this morning. Here are some photos:

Photos: Mukunda Kalikote/Reporters’ Club Nepal