No celebrations for a treacherous Constitution: Laxman Tharu

Reporters Club: Indigenous, Madhesi, Dalits, Muslims, women, and differently-abled individuals, ethnic minorities and other regional groups have vowed not to celebrate the constitution day and treat it as a ” Black Day” in their lives.

Speaking at a press conference organized at the Reporters Club coordinator of the National Tharuwat Front stated that “our final fight now is with PM Oli’s majority government that has been using tactics of oppression. He said that the Oli government was oppressive towards people who were already marginalized in society.

In the press conference, it was also made clear that “the constitution is treacherous, murderous, and issued against the spirit of proportional inclusion. It has gone against the spirit of the thousands of Nepalese who have given their lives for the cause of diversity, representation, and the end to discrimination toward minority communities. They will celebrate the Constitution Day as a black day until necessary steps were taken to amend the constitution and include their demands.

The press release of the United Indigenous community representing the minority community and marginalized groups stated that “the constitution was biased, not inclusive enough, and it goes directly against the aspirations of the common man and the sacrifices made by the community for the Republic”. They have decided to continue protesting and withdraw celebrations to mark it as a black day. The minority community has a history of oppression and seclusion through various measures, the United Press Conference representing the communities are demanding more inclusiveness, end to discrimination and equal opportunities along with safeguarding a standard of living through representation and increased reservation in various government sectors and private enterprises.

They are fighting for equitable opportunity for the right to a decent living, frustrated by the current scenario of rising prices, unaffordable living, and lack of opportunities for the minority community who are still compelled to menial work and labor.  They want a constitutional amendment wherein their rights are duly secured and safeguarded.