No shortage of Meat for ongoing festival assures Minister Khanal

Kathmandu Sept 30: The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Chakrapani Khanal stated that “there would be no shortage of meat in the country during the ongoing festival season”. Speaking at a special interaction program at the Reporters Club today the Minister guaranteed that there would be no shortages of meat throughout the entire country. The Minister said that ” in the Kathmandu Valley we need 55 thousand goats and we are in the process of procuring a similar amount, it will be sufficient for the people”.

The Minister also assured that there were measures being taken that is already initiated by the Agriculture Ministry of Supplies, in order to be vigilant and monitor cases of random pricing, and checking on smooth supplies.

“We will not let the price of meat increase over 1100 Nepalese rupees per kg, we are in constant discussion within the Ministry,” said the Minister when asked about the rise in prices that were affecting the general public.

He also said that Nepal will be self-sufficient in the production of meat. “We produce 74% of what is required, and we are already sufficient in poultry, we will concentrate more and create zones, and super zones for livestock rearing in order to be able to meet our demands,” he said. The Minister also stated that they are monitoring the market and requesting the sellers to sell quality products for the festival. He also assured that if required he would personally monitor situations in places of dire need.

The Minister also assured that Nepal would be self-sustained in the production of livestock and agriculture and there were plans to develop this industry to a larger level.