39 bodies found inside a container confirmed to be of Chinese nationals

ESSEX, Oct 24: 39 bodies that were found inside a truck container is said to be of Chinese nationals. The bodies that were discovered in Essex are said to be of adults and one teenager according to information released by the international news agencies.

During the investigation after the discovery of the bodies, it was found that all of them were Chinese nationals. The police have arrested the 25-year-old driver and are looking into the case which is extremely fragile. The driver is said to be a resident of Northern Ireland and is currently in police custody.

Essex police had confirmed with media that the truck was en route from Belgium and entered the United Kingdom last Saturday. It is supposed that there is a big conspiracy behind the entire incident and that something major will be uncovered shortly.

The entire drastic episode is supposedly related to human traffickers who were transporting them illegally but passed away inside the container due to lack of oxygen resulting in suffocation.

Several incidents of this sort have come to light in the recent past in the United Kingdom. Illegal migrants enter Europe and are placed in these containers to be transported to various other parts of the continent but due to the unsafe nature end up losing their lives.

(Source – Agency)