Revised targets and upgrades GoN serious toward infrastructural development: Minister Mahaseth

Reporters Club Event: The system of governance has been stable enough to pick up pace in development said Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Mr. Raghubir Mahaseth. He also further clarified that the current government is working in all seriousness towards the development of infrastructure and roads not only in the Kathmandu valley but all over Nepal.

Earlier in the program, President of the Reporters Club and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala had presided over the special interaction program in the Reporters Club yesterday on the occasion of the Tihar and Chatt festivals. The President along with the Minister had begun the discussion by extending their best wishes for prosperity, happiness, and goodwill for all.

Minister Mahaseth also spoke regarding the government of Nepal’s (GoN) preparations for visit Nepal 2020 which was being taken with the utmost care and that the government would enable Nepal to increase its tourism prospects. “With that vision in line various technology up-gradation and pre-planning work were in the final stages, and that after the Tihar and Chatt festivals visible changes would be noticed as the work would pace up”.

The Minister also expressed that under his leadership as compared to the previous years the target was revised to build and expand with rapidity along with blacktopping of all necessary roads. He clarified that “the central government would take up projects for roads that are over 8 meters width or more, and that anything below that would be the duty of the provincial government and municipal bodies that would take up the responsibility”.

He ensured that most of the highways, “Madan Bhandari, Postal, Butwal-Narayanghat will be completed well within time. Various other projects that are there on the pipeline will be completed duly including the 6 lane project. The detailed project report (DPR) for the East-West electric railway has been prepared and we will be moving forward with an action plan soon.

The Nepal government is also working closely with the cooperation of neighboring China and seeking their technical support in various projects. An MoU was signed between the two countries on 21st June 2018 regarding partnership in Railway project and the Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini Railway project”.

(Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Mr. Raghubir Mahaseth)

The Minister also said that “due to past departmental weaknesses and various other factors had put behind much of the work. There are investigations ongoing and companies have been blacklisted for under or nonperformance. The team under his leadership is attentive, and they are in very measure putting concentrated and focused attention on taking the process of infrastructural development forward”.

Mahaseth similarly spoke about the reorganization of the Kathmandu Valley and that they had spent and temporarily repaired roads for the arrival of the President of China. “It was after 23 years that this visit was taking place, so it was a matter of prestige for entire Nepal in order to make this successful and in similar fashion roads were repaired overnight. We all have to take responsibility for the development of this nation.

My journalist friends, you are the 4th pillar and we accept criticisms with positivity, I read the newspapers and there is much information that I have received and taken action based on the news. Continue with your work, but there are forces that are trying to make the government look weak, derail and destabilize peace which should not be promoted by the media. Everything will be time lined and management of every project, whether it is joint ventures or private companies will be scrutinized for performance.

We are in the process of creating more designs, conducting feasibility studies relating to various projects that would come up in the near future. Such a pace has not been seen in the past but it is happening now, write and focus on all the issues too, please do not resort to yellow journalism. Your job is to bring the truth out to the people and it is the most important aspect for a vibrant democracy in order to be successful”.

He also said “it is the Prime Ministers right to reshuffle the Cabinet, but I do not think anything as such will happen soon. I will make sure that the Valley roads are in condition before the onset of the winters, work will pick up pace and rapidity right after the Tihar and Chatt festivals”.

Finally, Mr. Mahaseth has assured that there will be maintenance and necessary repair work of all the roads and infrastructure in place. Major plans are in place for highway alignment change and to build over 15000kms of blacktopped roadways in order for the Nation to develop.