CWC meeting of NC underway amidst heavy protests

KATHMANDU, Nov 2: The main opposition Nepali Congress Party (NC) Central Working Committee (CWC) is currently underway. The meeting is taking place at the party headquarters in Sanepa.

The meeting will discuss strategies along with candidate selection for the upcoming by-elections scheduled for 30th November.

While the leaders were entering the party headquarters they were met with angry and protesting student leaders who demanded that the National Student Union’s (NSU) constitution be followed.

(NSU youth wing in favor of setting the limit of the post of President to 32)

The youth wing members protested and voiced grave concerns over the trampling of the constitution, the student wing’s chants echoed throughout the streets with ” you cannot trample the constitution, old age is not required”.

The students were carrying placards and protesting outside the party headquarters and are against the decision of the NC central committee in appointing aged people to lead the student wing.

While there are two factions that have a dispute, the CWC has recommended that the maximum age of the student wing President should not cross 32. While there are supporters to this new amendment most leaders who have crossed the age of 32 are intemperately disappointed.

(Photo Credit: Mukunda Kalikote for Reporters Club)