Rautahat brick kiln massacre: Case filed against Alam seeking life imprisonment

2008 Rautahat Blast

RAUTHAHAT, Nov 4: District Government Attorney Office, Rautahat has filed a case against Nepal Congress’ suspended lawmaker Mohammad Aftab Alam seeking life imprisonment.

Aftab has been accused of allegedly burning the 14 dead and eight injured victims of 2008 Rautahat bomb blast alive in a brick kiln to destroy the evidence.

The bomb went off in a cowshed of Sheikh Idri, a relative of Alam in Rautahat, Farhadwa – 4 when his cadres were making a bomb on the eve of the Constituent Assembly election.

The attorney office has also named his brother Mohammad Mahtab Alam, Shekh Bhadai, Mohammad Mobin Alam, Badri Sahani, Shekh Fajlehak, Sagir Aalm, Shekh Malakar and Gauri Shankar as defendants under the criminal code.

Earlier on Friday, District Police Office, 20 days after his arrest, had submitted a report on the 2008 bomb blast to the attorney office.

Aftab was arrested on October 13 based on the statements given by two accused during the police investigation.

A preliminary hearing on the case will begin on Tuesday.