Medical sector at its lowest ebb: Medical Education Struggle Campaign continues

KATHMANDU: The coordinator of Medical Education Struggle Campaign Prakash Singh Thakuri has said that “to threaten the heart of the medical mafia we have come to Kathmandu, we will bring the mafia and goons to dust said Thakuri. He also alleged that the mafia had taken over the administration and kept them under control.

Before this while beginning the campaign for equitable and affordable medical education for all Prakash had stated “I make a sincere appeal to the government not to be apathetic and make medical education accessible to the common man”.

He had made the statement in August in a special press conference to bring to light the corruption, apathy, and lack of infrastructure in the medical sector.

The students and health professionals are protesting against the condition of the medical sector in the country, they have demanded improvement, affordability, and accessibility in all sectors relating to medical health.

Likewise, coordinator Prakash also extended his support to Dr. Govinda KC fasting for the same cause in Dadeldhura. He said it was unfortunate that people have to go on a hunger strike and he was hopeful that such incidents would not need to happen in the future if there was a transformation in the health education and medical sector.