I  See


I see a sparkle of rays
In the rainy days,
I see the ease of the trip
In the midst of Nowhere,
I see a faith in idol of Shrine
In the heart of Atheist,
I see courage of Conviction
In the people of No land’s,
I see, I see, I see
Until I believe to see.

I see the care of an Angel
In the tragedy of Grievances,
I see the love of Ma
In the Character of Recklessness,
I see the desire of Slums
In the huts of Skyscrapers,
I see a flock of hope
In the eyes of Forlorn,
I see, I see, I see
Till I learn to see.

I dream, I glide, I ride,
I fight, I sight, I mobilize,
Until I believe to see
Till I learn to see…
-Shuvam P. Shrestha

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twitter: Szpradhan