COVID-19: Recovery rate goes up

Kathmandu, July 7 : The recovery rate of coronavirus infection in the country has a positive progress as number of people combating the virus is exciting in the recent days.

Officials stated that so far 7,499 people returned home after complete recovery from the infection and it is 46.38 per cent of the total infected cases.

The Ministry of Health and Population’s Spokesperson Dr Jageshwor Gautam said that 688 infected ones won the battle against the virus and returned home from the hospitals in the past 24 hours.
Though 25,727 people are quarantined across the country, the infection rate among the total tests is waning continuously since past five days from 16.5 per cent to 3.3 per cent, Dr Gautam added.
He further said that the number of people in the isolations is also decreasing from 9,084 on July 3 to 8,634 individuals on July 7.

The mortality rate among the infected is 0.2 per cent while the mortality rate in one million is 1.2 per cent.

So far, 35 individuals succumbed to the COVID-19 in the country and four districts out of 77 are free of the coronavirus infection.

Dr Gautam said that there are no active cases of coronavirus infection in Tehrathum, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu and Humla districts.RSS