Announcement of the highest prize money ‘World Peace International Trail Marathon-2024’

Kathmandu, January 31. Moon Star Club announced the program of 2024 in a press conference today with the aim of promoting sports and bringing tourism to the lower areas of Solukhumbu. A trail marathon with a prize of 3 lakhs was announced at a press conference held at Reporters Club, Kathmandu on Wednesday.

The prize money is considered to be the biggest prize money in Nepal in the history of Trail Marathon. On the occasion of the annual celebration of the Moon Star Club, the trail marathon to be organized on October 21, 2024 will be 42 kilometers distances. Chandra Bahadur Rai, the club’s vice president and program coordinator, informed that an international trail marathon has been organized for the promotion of sports and tourism in the lower areas of Solukhumbu.

President Bhuwan Singh Rai informed that the marathon will start from Solududhakunda Municipality – 5, Salleri and reach the Basakli Secondary School (Khalidanda) of Mapya Dudhkoshi Rural Municipality 2.

The top three winners of the trail marathon, who can participate in domestic and foreign women/men above 16 years of age, will be awarded 3 lakh, 2 lakh and 1 lakh cash, trophy and certificate respectively, while consolation 5/5 runners will be awarded 5/5 thousand in cash and certificate.

Equal prizes have been arranged for the winners of the competition for women and men. Mr.Purna Rai, secretary of Moon Star Club, said that on October 21, 2024 a women’s/men’s ‘Motherland Marathon’ will also be organized to give special encouragement to local athletes and He also thanked the founder Prashan Rai and the international coordinator Nadia Ruiz for hard work on their side.

The marathon will start from Kharikhola (Khumbu Pasangalhamu Rural Municipality) 1 and will be 21 km through Juving to Khalidanda. According to the organizers, the winners of the women’s and men’s side will be awarded the same prize amount of 20 thousand, 15 thousand and 10 thousand in cash and certificates, while 1/1 consolation runner will be awarded 5/5 thousand in cash and certificates. At the conference, international runner Arjun Kulung said that the trail marathon, which will be organized with the wish of world peace, will help in the promotion of sports and tourism.