About Us

Nepali Reporter is a subsidiary of the Reporters Club, one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the history of mass media in Nepal. It was founded back in 2005, by Founder and Chairman Mr. Rishi Dhamala also the Editor-in-Chief of both the Nepali and English portals.

Reporters Club Nepal provides a value-added space for discussion, interaction and most importantly dissemination of information for the Nepalese public in pressing issues faced by the country.

Reporters Club has hosted several dignitaries for over a decade providing a space for discussion, debate, and opinion for Nepalese around the globe.

Our values rest on three basic principles of mass media which are crucial in shaping public opinion.

Impart – We seek for the truth, and impart news to the public without prejudice.

Educate– Our articles and opinion pieces along with our selection of interview transcripts aim to educate the masses on current affairs, politics, and society. We also aim to reach out to educators for their students in order to increase their general knowledge and awareness of what is happening enabling them to be on par with changing times.

Propel – Our aim is to propel the masses by disseminating information that would enable them to think critically and have a sound impartial opinion. Propelling the masses towards empowerment in Nepal is necessary in order for the people to be intellectually capacitated. We propel ideas that will have the masses think and make a visible change for the betterment of the Nepalese society.