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‘Know before asking, don’t be Oli govt’s spokesperson’: Congress policy laid foundation of development, says

budget fiscal year 2019/20

Prime Times television’s most popular television talk show Janata Janna Chahanchan has never been boring—always full of interesting conversation and never shy of intense debates

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Ram Saran Mahat
Dr Mahat emphasizes on working together for attaining national goal

Senior leader of the main opposition party Nepal Congress Dr. Ram Saran Mahat has highlighted the need to work together for attaining the national goals.

Indian Republic Day
Indian Republic Day significant to Nepal as well: Dr Mahat

Nepal, as a republic country, also regards the Indian Republic Day as highly significant.  India being the largest democracy in the world, the Indian constitution is an important legacy to

PM Oli’s India visit successful but not historic: Dr Mahat

“We have been facing billions of trade deficits with India. We export less and import more. Prime Minister should have raised these issues. It is sad that he did not,”

No decision to reshuffle cabinet immediately: Mahat

Dr Ram Saran Mahat, leader of Nepali Congress, has claimed that the people will ultimately reject the leftist alliance since the Nepalese people have already accepted the parliamentary practice and

Dr Ram Saran Mahat
Reports of maintaining 240 constituencies are just rumors: Mahat

Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, leader of Nepali Congress, has said that the government should expand the cabinet as soon as possible and focus on amending the constitution so as to