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Iraq: String of attacks across country kills 31

BAGHDAD: Insurgents launched what appeared to be a highly coordinated string of attacks in several parts of Iraq on Monday morning, killing at least 31

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Lebanese prime minister resigns amid infighting

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s prime minister resigned Friday due togovernment infighting that threatens to leave a void in the state’s highest ranks at a time of rising tensions and sporadic violence enflamed

Obama warns of ‘enclave for extremism’ in Syria

Jordan: President Barack Obama warned Friday that an “enclave for extremism” could fill a leadership void in war-torn Syria, a chilling scenario for an already tumultuous region, especially for Jordan,

Jordan’s parliament chooses PM for 1st time

AMMAN, Jordan: Jordan’s parliament voted Saturday for the monarchy’s caretaker prime minister to form a new Cabinet, the first time in the country’s history that the legislature rather than the

No priest, no sheik means no marriage in Lebanon

BEIRUT: She was an English language tutor with an easy smile and an independent streak. He was a gym receptionist who wanted to better himself. They met for English lessons,

Activists: Twin car bombs kill 8 in Syrian Golan

BEIRUT: Twin car bomb blasts in the Syrian-controlled part of the Golan Heights killed eight people Friday, activists said, as Syria’s government called on its citizens who have fled the

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 in Yemen succumbs to wounds

SANAA, Yemen:  Al-Qaida’s No. 2 in Yemen died of wounds sustained in a U.S. drone attack last year in southern Yemen, the country’s official news agency and a security official

Rocket attacks kills 6 of a sole family in Syria

BEIRUT: Syrian activists say a government rocket attack has killed six members of a single family in the north of the country, where rebels fighting the regime of President Bashar

Benjamin Netanyahu narrowly wins elections

JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his hard-line allies fared far worse than expected in a parliamentary election Tuesday, likely forcing him to reach across the aisle to court a

Israeli election ends in dramatic deadlock

JERUSALEM: Israel’s parliamentary election has ended in a stunning deadlock between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-line bloc and center-left rivals, forcing the badly weakened Israeli leader to scramble to cobble