Nepal’s ruling allies differ on resolution, agree to stick to power

KATHMANDU: Two major allies of Nepal’s coalition government has differed poles apart on the possible way out from the ongoing political impasse.

Ruling party UCPN Maoist has stressed on the need to reinstate the erstwhile Constituent Assembly (CA) and its nearest ally and second powerful allies – Joint Democratic Madheshi Front (JDMF) – has stressed on the need for CA elections.

The polarization became visible during a meeting of the ruling allies on Monday morning at the Prime Minister’s residence in Kathmandu. The difference of opinion between the ruling allies has upset the UCPN Maoist’s recent campaign to resurrect CA.

Though the proposal has been outrightly rejected by the main opposition parties- Nepali Congress and CPN UML – and the President ( in a subtle manner though), the Madheshi Front is the latest shock to the Maoist supremo’s proposal, which analysts claim is advantageous for him and his party.

The meeting could not arrive at a definite conclusion on their joint strategy. However both agreed to hold the government leadership if they had to go for elections, as demanded by the opposition.

Both lead partners have concluded that they should not handover the government’s leadership to opposition parties at any cost if they are to head for polls.

Along with that the ruling allies have also decided to hold talks with opposition parties for introducing full budget. They have also decided to hold talks with the President on the budget issue so as to avoid non-cooperation from his in the days ahead.