Nepal’s government starts paying ex-PLAs

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KATHMANDU: The District Administration Office (DAO), Chitwan, has started distributing the cheques of the second installment to the former PLA combatants remaining in Shaktikhor cantonment.

The Maoist combatants would receive Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 400,000 as per their ranks and positions, said Balananda Sharma, Coordinator of the Army Integration Special Committee Secretariat.

Former Maoist combatants have thronged at DAO, Chitwan, in large numbers to receive their second installment. As many as 2,722 former Maoist combatants were at Shaktikhor based cantonment.

A six-member team led by Sharma has been deployed for the distribution of the cheques and started the task since 10:00 am on Wednesday.

The former PLA combatants have already received half of the amount in the first installment. The Secretariat of the Committee has the target of concluding the task by November 10 to all the 13,922 former combatants remaining in seven cantonments and some satellite camps. RSS