In Eastern Nepal, Shaman rapes teen as a cure for epilepsy


KATHMANDU: A shaman raped a teen-age girl on the pretext of curing the epilepsy in Parsa district.  The 54 years old Shaman, Shanta Bahadur Thapa Magar, admitted his wrong doing to the police after being arrested.

The victim Mina Giri a sixth grader at the local Nepal Rashtriya Secondary School had been consulting Magar to get rid of epilepsy.

Magar a resident of the Thori VDC-1, Parsa district had called the girl to his own room and raped here there telling her that it was a part of the faith treatment and would help her get rid of epilepsy.

A local paralegal sued Magar after she shared what she went through at the Magar’s room. She was later admitted to the Narayani Sub-Regional hospital in Birgunj and presently her health is improving reported the RSS.