Nepal’s ruling Maoist leader stresses on CA resurrection

Nepal Maoist Leader Devendra Paudel

KATHMANDU: An influential leader of the UCPN Maoist once again rooted for resurrecting the erstwhile Constituent Assembly (CA).  Devendra Paduel, who is also political advisor to Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, said that reinstating the dissolved constituent assembly (CA) was the best alternative to resolve the present political transition.

Paudel said that lack of consensus among political parties to resolve disputed issues was the main cause of the present political status quo and claimed that resurrecting CA was the panacea to resolve the deadlock and promulgate the new constitution.

Reiterating his party’s recent stance on resurrecting the CA and promulgating the  new constitution by incorporating issues that have resolved earlier and suspending the disputed issues for the new Legislative Parliament to resolve.

However in the end, Paudel did say that his party, UCPN Maoist, was ready for any options on which the political parties would near an understanding. He claimed that the party was ready for CA resurrection or fresh general elections, provided that the an understanding between political parties is made in a package.

Responding to queries on the President’s recent comments and the corresponding clashes between the PM and President over the status and role of the President and the PM, Paudel said that it was natural given the lack of clarity in the Interim Constitution in that regard.