Stakeholders and experts slam government’s apathy to Nepali’s plight in South Korea

Nepali immigrants work in South Korean Farms (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: Various stakeholders have voiced complaint for the government’s apathy to heed the concerns of Nepali labourers in South Korea.

At an interaction programme organized here on Friday by Nepali Immigrant Workers Solidarity Centre, various speakers lambasted the government for being indifferent to resolve several problems related to perks and benefits of workers as per contract, woes of workers entering Korea under agriculture and fishing visa and growing rate of suicide by Nepali workers.

Former Ambassador of Nepal to Korea Kamal Koirala said the government should not turn the deaf ear to plethora of problems ranging recurrent mystery deaths of Nepali workers, dependant visa related complications and deferral in EPS procedure.

Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Chairperson Shiva Gaunle stressed that people going for overseas employment should themselves be cautious rather than approaching the government when they face troubles in foreign land.

FNJ, Korea Chapter Chairperson Raghu Tripathi accused the Nepali Embassy in Korea of being indifferent towards resolving the problems faced by Nepali workers.

Columnist Rabindra Mishra suggested the government to take immediate measures to address pathetic situation of Nepali workers in Gulf countries which are more vulnerable than South Korea.

Nepali Congress (NC) central member Bhisma Raj Angdembe demanded the arrangement of labour attaché to address these issues.

It has been noted that the number of Nepali students in South Korea during the 90s only stood at four while it saw exponential rise after the Olympic games in Korea in 1998. RSS