Myagdi sets example in community based road construction

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KATHMANDU:The Mahabhir- Rima- Tikot, Gharamdi road built under the initiative of the people of Histan VDC of Myagdi district has been a model road in the district. The District Development Committee (DDC) has recommended the rural road built under the initiative and investment of the community for rewarding by declaring an exemplary project, to the National Planning Commission (NPC), Finance Ministry and Ministry for Physical Planning and Works.

The project was adjudged best after on-site monitoring by the DDC of various projects run in the district by a team of technicians of the sector with party representatives.

It was recommended for prize for honoring the contribution of the community in building proper road in technical point of view with financial and physical investment, said DDC’s Plan Monitoring and Administrative Officer Dilliram Banstola.

Rs 28.6 million has been invested of the community by collecting donations and personal loans, to link Dosalle, Aula, Rima, Tikot and Gharamdi village, the main villages of Histan with 459 households.

Of the 42 km, 36 km is built with community investment and 6 km in government investment.

Gharamdi contributed Rs. 12.1 million, Tikot Rs. 9 million, Rima and Aunla Rs. 2.5 m each and Dosalle Rs. 2 m. Locals contributed Rs. 28.6 million and DDC Rs. 550,000 and three years’ grant of VDC Rs. 2.4 million was used for the construction, said the Road Construction Main Committee Chairman Chandra Bahadur Pun. Those in the towns and in foreign countries were also asked for donations.

We have more than Rs 10 m as loans now and plan to pay in ten years by selling agro-products, he said. RSS