Inciting the President for unconstitutional move will lead to regression: Minister Sharma

KATHMANDU: Minister for Education, Dina Nath Sharma expressed his concern that the status quoists have tried to push the nation towards regression.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the Revolutionary Journalists Association, Banke here today, he said inciting the President to take unconstitutional move and trying to alienate his party by the national and international forces amounts to inviting regression and urged one and all to be alert from such activities.

He reiterated that his party would not quit the government until the achievements on the constitution and other changes made from various movements were ensured to be protected. A package deal on the contemporary political issues was a must to form a national consensus government.

He said the government has been trying to bring a full budget forging consensus among the political parties, but the government would not just be a silent spectator of the nation becoming a hostage economically.

Responding to a query, Minister Sharma said the political transition would be ended soon if political parties reach to consensus on the issues of federalism. RSS