US based NRN rolls out aid to cash-strapped Ama Ghar

KATHMANDU: Cash-strapped ‘Amaghar’, a home for providing care and support to helpless mothers, has received financial assistance to operate its activities.

Samjhana Kunwar, a local of Krishnanagar, Kapilvastu and currently residing in Oklahoma, US, has provided financial assistance of Rs 300,000 to Amaghar based in Rabibhawan, Kathmandu.

She came up with the financial assistance collected from the sale of self-manufactured T-shirt in the US. ‘I was willing to provide support after I came to know that the Amaghar was facing financial crunch’, Kunwar said.

The assistance amount was handed over to Amaghar operator, Dil Sobha Shrestha, on Monday, Kunwar’s father Tika Bahadur told RSS.

Kunwar was inspired to extend the assistance after watching a TV interview of Shrestha some six months ago. RSS