Political instability hindering economic development in Nepal: Chinese ambassador

Chinese ambassador to Nepal Yang Houlan has opined that Nepal should resolve its political crisis for attaining its economic and development agendas. Talking to Reporters Club President Rishi Dhamala at the embassy in Kathmandu on Wednesday, envoy Houlan claimed that political instability was hindering the formation of conducive environment for Chinese investors to invest in Nepal. Recollecting that the working atmosphere for infrastructure companies while constructing ring road and other projects during the 60 and 70’s decade was more cognizant, he opined that Nepal should try avoiding political influences in development projects. Giving a reference to China’s cultural revolution, the envoy said that China had also gone through similar transition and claimed that it was nonetheless successful in overcoming it through consensus. He said that recent exchange of bilateral meetings between China and Nepal were indicative of the growing relationship between both nations and said that China was committed in extending technical and financial support to Nepal in the days ahead. Elaborating on the 18th National Congress of CPC, that is scheduled to start from Thursday, Houlan said that the Congress would set the nation’s internal and foreign policy for this decade by apprising its achievements of the past decade. He said that China was willing to extend its area of cooperation on the basis to respond to the need of Nepalese people and informed that the China aided project including the Kathmandu ring-road project is implemented in full swing. Apart from that the ambassador said that the recent signing of Cultural Exchange Agreement between Nepal and Chinese government and the agreement to establish Chinese cultural center in Nepal would further boost cultural ties between both nations.