Nepal’s PM rules out CA elections if stand off continues

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that he was committed to resolving the current political crisis. Speaking at the ‘prime minister with the people’ monthly program of Radio Nepal here this evening, Dr Bhattarai said that the country would get an outlet within the next two to three days. “I am not an obstacle to forming a national consensus government but has been trying to facilitate it,” he said.

Stating that elections in May was not possible without putting an end to the current political deadlock, he emphasized on the need of ensuring the necessary constitutional and legal arrangement within the next few days.

He also made it clear that he was ready to make any sacrifice for a political consensus including resigning from his post.

The Prime Minister also stressed on practical enforcement of the spirit of the 12-point agreement reached between the then CPN (Maoist) and the seven party alliance for a political consensus.

Responding to telephone queries from listeners, the Prime Minister said the government was making all necessary effort to save the life of Amar Sunar, jailed in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the PM, the government was making utmost efforts to limit the loadshedding within 12 hours a day this winter.

He had talked to India about the import of 200MW electricity to address acute shortage here, PM Bhattarai said, adding that government was planning for making a path friendly to the disabled people inside Singh Durbar.

Similarly, he said due to the lack of full budget, salaries and allowances to civil servants have been delayed. If the President had issued the ordinance relating to the civil servants, all problems of the civil service could be solved, he argued.

Procedural complexities were delaying the appointment of the executive director at Nepal Tourism Board.

Likewise, he shared that government was planning to give two day holiday in government service to meet the international standard with better performance and enhanced capacity of civil servants. RSS