Road encroachment being removed in Jogbani-Itahari section

ITAHARI: The Road Division Office Biratnagar has started to remove the houses and sheds built by encroaching road to make a six-lane road from Jogbani to Itahari in Sunsari district.

The Office started to clear the land by removing houses and sheds and other physical infrastructure as Rs. 250 million allocated last year was gone on freeze due to obstructions.

Land will be demarcated by erecting pillars at 25 metres on both sides of the centre point of the road in Sonapur- Khanar section, said Division Chief Binod Kumar Madar.

The road is under the Koshi Highway and in the first phase, the land will be determined and later notice to remove infrastructure will be issued from the concerned District Administration Offices of Morang and Sunsari.

Madar said the most obstruction is in Sonapur-Khanar portion of Sunsari and if not removed, dozer will be used.

Last year, the Duhabi people had obstructed by seeking bypass road as an alternate while making six lanes, and this time this will not be heeded.

Security force will be used to clear areas in 82 feet determined by the Department of Roads after publishing last notice if not complied, it is leant. RSS