Khanal unhappy with President’s statement, says no to BRB govt


KATHMANDU: CPN UML Chairman Jhalnath Khanal has ruled out consensus until Prime Minister Babauram Bhattarai stepped down.



















Claiming that the Bhattarai is the main hindrance in the formation of a national consensus government, Khanal opined that consensus will elude unless Bhattarai steps down.

Khanal expressed such views while speaking with journalists while accepting a memorandum, that called leaders for garnering consensus at the earliest, from Reporter’s Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala.

“Presently the government is the hindrance to consensus. It is not possible unless PM Bhattarai steps down,” Khanal said warning that the nation was moving towards confrontation and stating that the government will be responsible for such an unfortunate turn of event.

Responding to some unverified reports claiming formation of consensus government in Bhattarai’s leadership, Khanal said, ” I repeat it again. Consensus government in Bhattarai’s leadership is impossible. It won’t happen. Never.”

While denying to propose a candidate to lead the proposed national consensus government in present condition, Khanal said that the opposition parties will provide the name as soon as Bhattarai steps down.

Khanal said that he has been continuously in touch with political party leaders and accused the UCPN Maoist of not taking initiatives in resolving status quo. He claimed that the Maoist inactiveness was evident of its intentions to extend its stay in the government.

Responding to queries related to the President’s expression supporting Bhattarai led consensus government in the aftermath of Indian diplomat’s visit, Khanal said, ” we cannot expect anything from such leaders who change their statement with the visit of foreign emissary.”
Stating that consensus government is related to constitution drafting, he said, “if the UCPN Maoist and Madhes based ruling parties don’t cooperate in consensus government formation, than it is evident that they don’t want the constitution drafted.”

On the occasion, Reporters Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala had urged Chairman Khanal to take lead in resolving the present political stand off and pave way for the formation of the consensus government formation and constitution drafting.