Nepal PM adamant on trying war-crimes through TRC

Baburam Bhattarai Nepal PM

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has warned that investigating war-crimes committed by both sides will derail the ongoing peace process.

Bhattarai while maintaining that Nepal is committed to try all war-crimes by forming Truth and Reconciliation Commission and transitional justice mechanisms, claimed that war-crimes should not be prosecuted through existing legal mechanisms.

Speaking at a program in the capital on Friday, the Maoist Prime Minister said that investigating war-crimes committed by both sides- Maoist and the government- will derail the peace process.

He asserted that Nepal will try all cases of war-crimes including murders, rapes, extortion, forced disappearances through TRC.

Arguing that the government has already pushed to form the TRC, he accused political parties of not supporting its move to endorse the ordinance, that has been awaiting the President’s endorsement for some months now.