Jailbird dies in Birgunj Prison

BIRGUNJ: A jailbird died in Birgunj jail on Saturday.

Hira BK, 40 of Pouraha VDC-2 in Rupendehi district, who was serving jailterm in a murder case, died while he was undergoing treatment of Hepatitis B, said Chief Jailer Dhiraj Marasini.

According to Marasini, BK was shifted from Rupendehi to Birgunj jail in 2068 BS. He has been afflicted from Hepatitis B since long time.

BK was accused of murdering his wife ad is serving 20-year jail-term for his crime.

No relatives have come here to perform his last rites.Hid mortal nbody will be cremated after completing a legal process, said the chief jailer Marasini.