Palpa’s Rampur Returning to Normalcy

PALPA: Rampur area of Palpa district that remained tensed for three days after the murder of Sonu Shrestha is now gradually returning to normalcy.

On Sunday, a curfew was clamped in Rampur after the situation turned violent following a clash between police and locals women.

The situation in Rampur area is normal after a six-point deal reached between the local administration, police, victims, journalists and human rights activists.

As per the agreement, police will make public the facts about the murder and maintain peace and security while the victim’s family would receive the dead body to perform the last rites.

Injured during protest would be provided treatment for free. Shrestha was abducted a month ago and was found dead on January 18. The victims have suspected the hand of Shrestha’s husband behind her murder.