Martyr Mathema remembered

KATHMANDU: A program was organized in Siphal today on the occasion on the occasion of centenary birth anniversary of martyr Dharma Bhakta Mathema. Mathema was given a death sentence in Siphal by the Rana rulers.

On the occasion, martyr Mathema’s daughter Renu Mathema Shrestha said political parties should emphasize on social transformation of the people to fulfill the martyrs’ dreams.

Similarly, former Vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University Kedar Bhakta Mathema said all should learn lessons from martyr’s contributions.

Martyr Mathema was born to Adi Bhakta Mathema and Chandra Kumari Devi in 1966 BS. Mathema was given a death sentence by the Rana rulers in January 26, 1941 for making people aware regarding democracy.