UCPN Maoist pledges are piles of lies: Deuba


Itahari: Nepali Congress senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that the promises made by the UCPN Maoist leaders during their ongoing seventh  general convention were just ‘piles of lies’, aimed at deceiving the general public.

Speaking here on Monday, the former Prime Minister commented that the political document of UCPN Maoist, which the party intends to endorse through the jumboree, will not yield results unless the party leaders give up their totalitarian attitude. 

Accusing the Maoist leaders of constantly deflecting from their promises, Deuba said that the party leaders lacked accountability to believe in their proposal. 

Deuba even accused the Maoist led government and the party leadership of protecting murderers, extortionists and rapists and asserted that seeking a new mandate from the public through elections can end the ongoing political stalemate in the country.

Stating that the nation was under great crisis and difficult situation, Deuba called on all opposition political parties to unite against the incumbent government for forming a new government. 

Commenting on the recent protest programs of the opposition parties, Deuba said that the opposition parties were gaining strength and expressed confidence that the agitation will gain momentum soon to topple the Bhattarai government.