Father in law rapes 8 months pregnant daughter in law


SINDHUPALCHOWK: While the Home administration has been promising every measures to curb violence against women, a women recently filed case against her father in law for repeatedly raping her in house.

The 18 year old wife of a driver, who is abroad for some time now, filed case against her father in law Dil Bahadur accusing the latter of repeatedly raping while she was 8 months pregnant and even when she was nursing her 2 months son.

The women, a resident of Siruwari-5, has claimed that she had come to file case against her father in law after her own husband did not take any measures to stop the father from raping her.

The victim had reached the district police station with her four months baby milk feeding baby. In her complaint the victim has said that she was raped recently while she was taking cover from the rain.

Not only that, while rolling out tears the victim said that her father in law rapes her even when she is nursing the baby or feeding him milk or doing any household chores, the Nepali newspaper Rajdhani Dainik reported on Sunday.

” My father in law began to rape where he saw me. Inside the house, in the farms, or in the cowshed. He has been continuously hunting me down. I could not sustain it any more and had to come here for help,” the victim said while waiting outside the police station.

While informing that her husband loves her very much, she said that her love marriage was perfect until he went abroad for employment and her father in law began hunting her.