Nepal’s prodigal ex-prince tormented by depression


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s former Prince Paras Shah is reported to have been suffering from depression in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. After being detained for possessing narcotics and vandalizing private property, Paras is presently under surveillance of a drug rehabilitation center.

Despite facing so much of troubles, for which he was himself responsible, the former King Gyanendra Shah and his father has not taken any interest in him.

Following the surveillance and correponding social ridicule, Paras is reported to have been victimized by depression, sources near him informed his parents and wife Himani back in Kathmandu.

However family members have not responded to his condition. Sources in the know how informed that neither of the family members have tried to contact Paras through phone also.

Due to stress, the actual cause of which still remains unknown, sources claimed that Paras’s weight has been sliced from 90 kg to 65 kgs.

His father and wife have been at odds with Paras for some time now. They had not even tried to free him from the Thai police when he was detained earlier.

He was bailed out by Dhirendra’s daughters and his cousins Sitasma and Dilasha Shah. Before being detained by the Thai police on narcotics consumption and disturbing neighborhood, Paras was reported to be planning to start business.

But with the arrest, his business plans have been ruined and he has been left high and dry seeking refuge in NRN Thailand’s General Secretary Sunil Khadka’s residence in Bangkok.

Sources claimed that Khadka has been in Kathmandu for some time now to brief the former monarch family about their sons’ condition, but has failed so far to approach them.

Besides, this Paras is presently feeling security threats. Though the Nepali embassy in Bangkok had urged the Thai government to provide security to Paras, they had denied it while stating Paras could hire his own security.

Paras had gone to Bangkok nearly one and half year ago along with his son, daughter and wife. But presently all his family members, including his wife have returned back to Nepal and don’t remain in touch with him.