Nepal’s civil society leaders root for Chief Justice led government

KATHMANDU: Senior leaders of Nepal’s civil society expressed confidence that the a consensus government led by the incumbent Chief Justice can hold impartial CA elections.

Some of the senior leaders affiliated with the society expressed such confidence during an interaction program organised by the Reporters Club Nepal on Monday in the capital.

Chairman of Nepal Civil Society Himalaya Sumsher JBR asserted that a CJ led government should be unanimous at a time when political parties have failed to pick one among themselves.

He asserted that Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi should be picked up for leading the consensus government with a provision to reinstate him as Chief Justice when CA elections are concluded and a new a government is formed, while speaking at the program presided by the Club’s president Rishi Dhamala.

Positioning himself and the civil society in favour of multiparty democracy, Sumsher opined that present conditions were not for confronting but were times to move ahead in consensus to preserve democracy.

Another speaker at the program, Chairman of Civil Society Nepal’s President Khem Raj Regmi, opined that a consensus government in CJ’s leadership would be instrumental in ending the totalitarian rule of the incumbent government and ongoing political stalemate.

He argued that considering the inability of political parties to forge consensus on a political leadership, the option to form consensus government in CJ’s leadership is the most appropriate one.
Similarly, Dr Dinesh Bhattarai, Madheshi Civil Society’s coordinator Ganesh Kumar Mandal, and leader Shyam Kumar Mahato also expressed similar opinions and backed their stance claiming that it is essential to preserve democracy.

While these leaders were rooting for CJ led government some other civic society leaders including journalist Kanak Mani Dixit had were appealing the President to reject the proposal to form such a government.