Parties pick Vice President as alternative to Chief Justice


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s political parties have started discussions on picking Vice President Parmananda Jha to lead the electoral government, if by any chance Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi rejects the proposal.

VP’s name came as a back up plan while lead party leaders are stroll under discussion to finalise the framework of the electoral government and the responsibilities it will be entrusted to execute.

Discussions centered on VP as a response to queries of what parties ail do if Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi denies to accept the proposal of parties.

However if a government is formed in VP’s leadership, then parties are also discussing appointing political leaders as ministers in the VP led electoral government.

Senior leaders of lead political parties are presently in discussion at the President’s residence. The meeting is expected to come up with a package plan on amending constitution, forming political party mechanism to control and operate the electoral government, election date, authority of the government, and the tenure of the government among others.

Meanwhile the lead party mechanism entrusted with the responsibility to prepare detail action plan on the above mentioned issues has concluded. The task force will recommend their report to the lead parties today at Shital Niwas.