Hardliner Maoist says ruling Maoists handing over nation to India

CPN Maoist C P Gajurel

SINDHULI: Vice Chairman of CPN Maoist C P Gajurel has accused ruling Maoists of handing over state reigns to India. Terming UCPN Maoist Chairman Pupsa Kama Dahal and Vice Chairman and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai as anti-nationalist, Gajurel said that his party has blacklisted them along with NC President Sushil Koirala and Jhalnath Khanal.

Stating that Dahal and Bhattarai topped their blacklist, Gajurel said that Koirala and Khanal followed the duo in the blacklist for betraying their nation.

Lashing at the parties for appointing a bureaucrat as the Prime Minister , he satirised that political leaders should give up politics and should opt for sainthood.

He claimed that forming electoral government in the Chielf Justice’s leadership was a conspiracy to hand over the nation in the hands of India.

Gajurel further claimed that the steps will follow by a government in the leadership of Chief of Army Staff that he claimed will ultimately weaken the army and ease the process to hand over nation to Indian subjugation.