Government to run pharmacies

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) is going to operate pharmacies itself at all the hospitals under it.

The Ministry says the preparation of policy to run pharmacies has reached the final phase.

MoHP is to run pharmacies at the hospitals under it after public complaints were received against pharmacies selected through open competition by hospitals.

Secretary at the Ministry, Dr. Praveen Mishra, said that the Ministry has directed hospitals to make necessary preparation to run pharmacies itself and not to call for new bids.

Health services have been provided through more than 100 hospitals including central, zonal and district level hospitals under the Ministry.

Pharmacies have been run at the premises of such hospitals and outside of hospital by private sector through open competition.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has got permission from the cabinet to assign 330 specialist doctors to fulfill the vacant posts.

Chief of the Medical Division at the Ministry, Prof. Dr. Tirtha Burlakoti said that works related to this would be forwarded soon.