Nima Rumba rocks Nepalese in Sydney for saving cancer patient’s life

Nima Rumba Sydney | Tamang Lhosar | Nepalese in Australia

SYDNEY: The Nima Ruma fever recently swayed Nepalese residing in Australia’s Sydney. The event organized to mark the Tamang Lhosar by Tamang Samaj, was a huge success as Nepali youths residing in the area and elsewhere in Australia just joined Rumba on the dance floor at the New South Venus.

The program was specially organized to collect funds for the treatment of Sangeeta Tamang Lama, a Nepali women struggling with cancer. Rumba had the seriatim of his both old and new collections.

This program, organized in Sham Town hall on Saturday had been attended by (N.S.W) chief Nepali ambassador who proclaimed that celebrating Lhosar is the positive aspect of conserving the tribe’s embolic and coalescence.

According to chairperson of Nepali Indigenous Nationalities Forum, Ganesh Tamang had given his stance that every single tribal community should follow the same traditions for the sake of preserving one’s identity.

Similarly for the consistently preserving unity and development, the counselor of minister’s committee Mahendra Lamsal,chairperson of New South Wales, Tamang Samaj ,Arun Tamang had also bruited about in this topic .

Aftermath of this formal program, this musical program was consorted by the concerted performances of Rajesh K.C, Sujata Upadhyaya, Sujata K.c, along with the artists from indigenous bands. And the demonstration of Damphu dance, Tamangselo with other collaborative dances was successful to mesmerize the heart of the audience.

Miss cyber Nepal Australia, Sandhya Tamang, along with many brilliant brat packs had presented their dances. A music album by Pasang Wanjee Shyam Tamang was also inaugurated on the occasion.

Along with hitting the dance floor, participants also enjoyed ethnic Nepali cuisines on the occasion after senior Nepalese citizens worshipped Lord Buddha.

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News compiled and written by Shrijana Shrestha | Image Courtesy: nepalitouch.com