Regmi should resign from CJ to head election government: KC

NUWAKOT: Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narsingh KC, who is opposing the idea of the CJ-led government after the parties’ decision, today said that Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi should resign from the head of the judiciary if he were ready to take charge of the new government.

“The CJ should resign from the post if he was ready to be the new PM. This is NC’s stance. But, NC believes to end political deadlock through the election,” KC said.
The Unified CPN (Maoist) did not want to go to the election making different excuses in the name of forging consensus as it wanted to stick to power, claimed KC.

He said the Maoist-led government has invited economic crisis in the country by doling out money from the state coffer to the party cadres.