Sherpas marking Gyalbo Lhosar

KATHMANDU: The Sherpa community is celebrating the holy festival of Gyalbo Lhosar by organizing various programs today. The greatest festival of the Sherpa community, Gyalbo Lhosar, is celebrated for 15 days from the first day of the waxing moon in the Nepali month of Fagun as per the lunar calendar.

On the first day of the festival, the Sherpas clean their houses, surroundings and settlements and decorate them with flags and festoons. They also invite their relatives to their houses and install idols of the Buddha at homes and the monasteries for special worships.

During the worship, the eminent persons of the community, including the Lamas and the community chiefs are invited at homes and monasteries to perform the worship. Feasting and celebrations follow the worships. The Buddhist monks and nuns also celebrate this festival.

On the occasion, the Swastika, and the sun and the moon are painted on the walls of the houses. People are donned in colourful new traditional attires and ornaments. New Year greetings are exchanged amidst gaiety and lavish feasting. Sherpa people also receive blessings from elders on the occasion.