India to provide Rs 640m for different projects

KATHMANDU: The Government of India has provided Rs 640 million for 425 small and big projects in education, health and infrastructure development as per Nepal-India Economic Cooperation Program across the country.

As per the program, India is to provide the assistance for the construction of new building of Anbukhairani Campus. The construction cost of the building is estimated at Rs. 40 million.

Mission Deputy Chief of the Indian Embassy, Jaideep Majumdar, laid a foundation stone of the building amid a function on Tuesday, stated the Indian Embassy in Nepal.

The campus has a total of 1,000 students where Bachelor´s level classes are run.

Similarly, Councilor at the Political and Economic Assistance Department, Piyush Shreebastav inaugurated a newly constructed building of Tribhuvan Campus at Rupakot VDC in the northern belt of the district.

India had provided Rs. 14.4 million for the construction of the building.

Besides this, India has provided Rs. 65 million in different projects. It also provided four ambulances for the district