Nepal’s hardliner Maoist adamant on toppling CJ-government

Dev Gurung CPN Maoist leader

KATHMANDU: Even though Nepal’s major political parties have succeeded in forming a electoral government in the chairmanship of Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi, the hardliner Maoists have stood adamant on toppling it.

The CPN Maoist has said that it would never support the Regmi led electoral government stating that such a government will ultimately push nation towards party less political system.

Secretary of the party, Dev Prasad Gurung, claimed that the decision to form government in the leadership of Chief Justice was a great price to hold Constitutional Assembly election.

Expressing suspicion that the Regmi led electoral government will fulfill its objective to hold CA elections, Gurung said that the action has brought the neutrality of the judiciary also into controversy.
Gurung claimed that the step has jeopardized both multiparty democracy and independent judiciary. Stating that only the CPN Maoist is capable of toppling the Regmi-government, Gurung said that his party will launch nation wide protest to preserve the gains of great Janandolan and People’s war.