Baidya launches salvo at Prachanda, Sushil & Khanal

Nepal CPN Maoist Mohan Baidya Kiran

KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya “Kiran” has warned to launch stern agitation against Nepali Congress, CPN UML, and UCPN Maoist leaders if they tried to hold Constituent Assembly elections under status quo.

Baidya warned that the major political party leaders did not have the credentials to push with the CA elections by keeping his party out of it.

While describing his party, as a progressive and powerful that rose to power through the people’s war, Baidya said his party will assault these leaders if they went to CA elections by bypassing his party.

Accusing that UCPN Maoist Puspa Kamal Dahal deceived the nation by forming the incumbent electoral government, he claimed that Prachanda had pushed the nation on a fascist path by submitting to the dictates of India and America.