Miss Mongol Muskan Limbu’s Spicy Photos


Muskan Limbu was awarded the Miss Mongol 2013 crown just a day ago. What next? After writing the news, I asked Gopal Dai (Read Google) for her images, to add to these column for you viewers/readers.

I was amazed! Just 19 years and Muskan’s photos belonged to whole professional class of modeling and all the on Facebook. Yup. She really has a small audience base on her photos, most of which are on the ramp that miss out the real-life Muskan. And that may be the reason, her comments are always from her Mama. Thats a whole lot of family things in there. All cool.

So here are some of those photos which I managed to download due to the toil and efforts of some of her friends and amazing photographers. The list of credit is long as are the photos. So let me be precise. All of these photos, except a few, are from Facebook and they were posted on Muskan’s wall or had tagged her.

Photo Credits: OMG Theme Events, Anjil Maskey, Suyash Shakya, House of Fashion, We Fear Silence Nepal (Proud 2b loud), Crossroad Apparel, Rosek Sesta, Folio Magazine, and Muskan herself.

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