Nepal’s apex court orders to consider polls constituency commission

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday has issued an interim order in the name of the defendants, directing them to pay attention to the articles in the Interim Constitution concerning the formation of the ‘Electoral Constituency Delimitation Commission’ before continuing with the preparations for the upcoming Constituent Assembly election.

In response to a writ petition filed by one Rajlal Mandal, a single bench of Justice Girishchandra Lal issued the interim order in the name of Office of President, the Chairman of Council of Ministers, political parties in the High-Level Political Committee and the Election Commission.

Article 63(3) and 154 (a) of the Interim Constitution of Nepal provide for the formation of the Commission.

Mandal had on April 2 filed a writ at the Court, demanding an interim order to stop all election-related preparations before the Commission was formed, arguing that such activities would be against constitutional supremacy, democratic system and international norms of politics.