Mahantha Thakur can lead Madhesi Morcha, corrupt convict J P Gupta says

BIRATNAGAR:Former Minister Jay Prakash Prasad Gupta has said an extensive Madhesi Forum should be formed to ensure the rights of the overall Madhesh and Madhesis.

He has also suggested Chairman of the Terai Madhesh Democratic Party, Mahantha Thakur, to be the head of the forum.

Gupta, who arrived in Biratnagar to participate in the Terai Madhesh Rastriya Abhiyan, he said the United Democratic Madheshi Front was formed just to grab state power, and therefore, it has no significance now.

He said that an extensive Madhesi forum was necessary to complete the agendas of the Madhes movement and ensure Madhesi people with their rights and senior leader Thakur should take the leadership for this.

He urged the senior leader to come out of the UDMF as it has been a haven for some leaders from Madhes. They have misused the UDMF against its political objective.

The Election Constituency Delimitation Commission should delimit the constituencies in a scientific way so that it helps in maintaining social harmony, he said.

Responding to queries about his political career ahead, Gupta said he would not join any party right now. He said all the political parties should be included in the fresh Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

Gupta informed that as per the Abhiyan, he had visited and held discussions in eight districts in Terai including Morang, Sunsari, Saptari, Bara, Parsa, Siraha, Bardiya and Banke