Is Nepal government scholar-friendly?

Singha Durbar

KATHMANDU: Nepal government has come up with a samaritan idea to help researchers aiming to expand the sector of research to utilize knowledge within the country itself after receiving Masters´ or Ph. D degree in science and technology from home or abroad.

According to the state owned-news agency (RSS), Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has decided to promote the research sector to control the rampant brain drain facing the country and utilise the skilled human resources.

It is believed that over 45,000 skilled human resources and talents were last year forced to go abroad, citing lack of research opportunities within the country.

According to the statistics made available by the Department of Foreign Employment, around 200 youths receiving the graduation degree leave the country in connection with foreign employment every day.

Opening the National Biotech Exhibition amidst a programme at Tripureshwor in the capital here today, NAST Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Surendra Raj Kafle urged those people receiving bachelor´s or master´s degree under the faculty of science and technology to visit the NAST for work rather than complaining of lack of employment opportunity.